We are a dedicated and collaborative team of Staff and Board who care deeply about our work.

Our Staff

Alfonso Martinez-Torres

Accounting/HR Associate

Michelle Thompson

Human Resources Manager

Tamira Machado

Project Support Program Manager

Mara Guccione

Project Support Program Associate

Mike Sowle

Director of Finance

Terry Kelley-Farias

Project Support Program Associate

Sumona Majumdar

General Counsel

Kim Picone

Donor Support Associate

Allison Torres

Accounting Associate

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Editor, Earth Island Journal

John Knox

Executive Director Emeritus

David Phillips

Executive Director

Matthew Carlstroem

Web Wrangler

Mona Shomali

Director, New Leader's Initiative

Susan Kamprath

Director of Operations

Zoe Loftus-Farren

Managing Editor, Earth Island Journal

Our Board of Directors

Will Green

Board Director

Barbara Brower

Board Director

Michael Mitrani

Board Director

Deborah Sivas

Board Director

Josh Floum

President, Board of Directors

Ken Brower

Vice President, Board of Directors

John de Graaf

Board Director

Francisco Martinez

Board Director

Ariela St. Pierre

Board Director