California Institute for Community, Art and Nature

February 22nd, 2018

By publishing books, sponsoring events and lecture series, encouraging research, and by creating places that promote convivial communities, this project will further and expand upon the work Malcolm did – perhaps more accurately the life he led – for more than four decades as a writer, publisher, speaker, participant in the cultural life of California, and as executive director of Heyday Books.

The work evolves around topics such as California Indian cultural heritage, endangered places and species, Bay Area history, ecology and people to help us better understand the natural world we live in and how we can keep it alive by drawing upon its centuries of accumulated wisdom and practice.

The work is guided by a few core beliefs: that in the long run, the battle for a sustainable, healthy, diverse, and beautiful world is not only a battle for land-use laws and policies, but is a battle for the human imagination; that the arts are the doorway into the human imagination; that the human race is capable of embracing change and achieving greatness; and that great work can best be done with joy and laughter.

Director: Malcolm Margolin

2150 Allston Way Berkeley, California 94704 510-559-8382

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