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Mark Your Calendars for the SF Green Film Festival

Earth Island Journal is proud to be a media partner of the annual San Francisco Green Film Festival, scheduled for September 6 to 14. This year’s lineup includes a powerful film about threats to Botswana’s Okavango Delta; a documentary about the Indigenous movement for climate justice; and an inspiring film about the first solar-powered flight around the world. On September 9, Earth Island Journal Editor Maureen Nandini Mitra will host a conversation following the world premiere of STROOP: Journey into the Rhino Horn War — a hair-raising documentary that takes viewers to the front-lines of the war against poaching — at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. View the full screening calendar and get your tickets today.

Get Your Brower Youth Awards Tickets

photo of two young womenCome celebrate the next generation of environmental activists at the 19th Annual Brower Youth Awards ceremony on October 16 in San Francisco’s beautiful Herbst Theater. This year’s theme is “Grow the Movement,” an expression of our support for the cultural and environmental warriors who are galvanizing change across the country. Tickets to the ceremony are FREE. You are also invited to meet the BYA winners at a special reception preceding the awards ceremony. Register for your free awards ticket and purchase your reception ticket today.

Pediatricians Issue Plastics-Related Warningphoto of a man holding a baby human

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ most recent policy statement recommends limiting exposure to certain chemicals for infants and children. The first two chemicals of increasing concern on their list are bisphenols and phthalates, both of which are used in the manufacture of plastics. These chemicals are present in food containers, canned food, plastic bottles, and many other items that are used for food preparation and storage. Read more from EII’s Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Save the Date for BURNED Screening

posterJoin Chad Hanson, director of Earth Island’s John Muir Project, and others for a screening of the new documentary film BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal? during September’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. BURNED tells the little-known story of the accelerating destruction of our forests for fuel, and probes the policy loopholes and huge subsidies facilitating biomass energy, as well as the blatant greenwashing of the burgeoning industry. The film follows a dedicated group of forest activists, scientists, and concerned citizens who are fighting to safeguard our forests, protect their communities, and debunk this false solution to climate change. The screening will be held at the Children’s Creativity Museum on September 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Coexisting with Coyotes in SF

photo of a young coyoteJoin EII’s Project Coyote at 7 p.m. on August 16 at The Randall Museum in San Francisco for a lively discussion and workshop about coexisting with San Francisco’s resident coyotes. Keli Hendricks, Project Coyote’s ranching with wildlife coordinator, will be joined by representatives from SF Parks and Recreation and SF Animal Care and Control, for a presentation and question-and-answer session. Project Coyote will also be joining other wildlife groups on October 13 at San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center for the Wildlife Conservation Network Fall Expo — one of the foremost events of its kind. Learn more about both events.

Living Schoolyards in Oakland

photo of a gardenEII’s Green Schoolyards America is pleased to announce its partnership with Oakland Unified School District and The Trust for Public Land. Together, the three groups will create a district-wide “living schoolyard” policy for Oakland, develop a funding strategy, and implement joint use agreements to ensure that more of the district’s schoolyards become hands-on learning and play environments that are healthier for children and also climate resilient. Learn more.

Food Shift Is Hiring

EII’s Food Shift is looking for a part-time Administrative and Operations Assistant. This is an exciting opportunity to gain experience with a growing non-profit organization and join a dynamic team that’s building a movement to reduce food waste, nourish communities, and provide jobs. Read the full job description.

Help Us Raise Women’s Voices!

Earth Island Journal is working on a fall special issue on Women and the Environment that will explore the intersections between environmental rights and women’s rights. The issue will include a mix of essays, opinions, storytelling, journalism, and art by thinkers, activists, artists, and leaders within the environmental and women’s rights communities. Contributors to the issue include Terry Tempest Williams, Annie Leonard, Kathleen Dean Moore, Wanjira Mathai, and Kandi Mossett. Putting together an edition like this doesn’t come cheap. The Journal is a nonprofit magazine. We depend on support from readers like you to fund our work. Can you pitch in to our Green Journalism Fund and help us make this special issue shine? No amount is too small!

The Best of Earth Island Journal

Get the latest environmental news from Earth Island Journal. Here are our favorite stories from the last two weeks:

photo of someone riding a horseMost Popular: Mongolia at Crossroads. Economist Ono Borjgyn discusses how global market pressures and climate change are endangering the traditional life of Mongolian nomads.

photo of a Stellers JayEditors’ Pick: Of Earth, Wind, and Birds. Reporter Lauren Ruddell explores how changing wind speeds associated with climate change will impact birds both big and small.


RATS in San Luis Obispo

photo of a barn owlRaptors Are the Solution (RATS) is wrapping up a 10-month public outreach campaign in San Luis Obispo, CA. Since last December, the Earth Island project’s ads and educational messages about the impacts of rat poison on non-target wildlife have been placed on the sides of local buses, reaching an estimated 8,000 people per day. Three billboards in the area have reached close to 900,000 people. RATS has a new chapter, SLO RATS, in partnership with Pacific Wildlife Care, and is greatly increasing its presence and messaging in the area.

Trees are Treasures

Richmond Trees has found some interesting tree specimens near Solano Playlot park in Richmond, CA. Come join the Earth Island project on August 25 for a fun morning of TREEsure hunting as participants break into teams to look for and learn about these unique trees. If you are curious about the types of trees you see around Richmond, this is a chance to learn more while having lots of fun. Lunch will be served after the TREEsure hunt, and there will also be a special surprise for participants! The event begins at 10:00 a.m. at Solano Playlot. Learn more and register.