About Us

Earth Island was founded in 1982 by legendary environmentalist David Brower. During the past three decades, Earth Island has been the organizational home to more than 150 grassroots activist projects and currently has a vibrant network of more than 78 projects. It is the largest, most diverse, and most skilled team of established and new and emerging leaders that we’ve ever had. Our project leaders work in communities spanning the globe protecting sharks, confronting plastic pollution, preserving forests, helping indigenous leaders protect their sacred sites, restoring wetlands, greening schools, and getting kids outside into the nature, to name just a few.

On the youth front, we lead through our Brower Youth Awards and New Leaders Initiative to recognize, mentor, and support an incredible youth movement. Earth Island is widely recognized as running the premier youth environmental awards program in the country. Brower Youth Award winners exemplify the best of the younger generation’s environmental leaders – poised, thoughtful, fearless, articulate, and outspoken – taking on the environmental challenges we’re facing.

We are also proud that our Earth Island Journal continues to empower action both in the quarterly print edition and in daily online postings by providing tough investigative news coverage of crucial under-reported environmental issues worldwide that are often ignored by the mainstream press. The Journal serves our movement like no other.

In 2017, we launched our legal arm Earth Island Advocates to ramp-up our use of legal tools. Earth Island has always undertaken essential legal battles in the past to save wildlife and wild places. But this new effort will help our projects in legal challenges to mounting threats across the environmental arena. A number of our projects’ efforts are ripe for legal action, and we are ready to show how our deep knowledge of environmental issues combined with aggressive legal action can make a huge difference.

Earth Island continues to be a gutsy, efficient, and effective organization that, in the spirit of our founder David Brower, knows how to get things done!

About Our Name

The name Earth Island came from famous anthropologist Margaret Mead, who urged respect for “The Island Earth.” In the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” These words have inspired us and could be Earth Island’s motto.

About Our Logo

Earth Island wanted a design that would emphasize dynamism, the beauty and miracle of the natural world, boldness, interconnectedness, strength, inclusiveness, and stability. A design that was consonant with our Values and Guiding Principles: Nature, Innovation, Passion, Boldness, Compassion, and Effectiveness.

We also wanted our design to reflect our theme of interconnectedness, diversity, growth, and emergence. One that gave more prominence and identity to our Earth Island name.

The central design theme of our logo is the spiral. Spirals are an amazing and quintessential shape found throughout the natural world – from submicroscopic to massive galaxies. Spirals are complex yet simple; miraculous, stable and strong. They are widely used in art and architecture and are a sacred symbol for many cultures. Spirals connote emergence, the promise of growth, steadiness, and unfolding potential. That sounds like Earth Island.

Our design evokes the formation of a fractal fern, a shell, the curl of a wave, a fossil, a storm, a spiral galaxy, and more. It has hints of the “golden ratio” of a Fibonacci spiral in the unfurling of the inner design fern. The colors chosen are bold, organic, and prominent in the natural world. The design also leaves lots of room for people to interpret in their own ways.

We feel that our new logo accomplishes our goals and will be a strong mark for us - we hope you do too!