Who We Are

Earth Island has become the place to go if you have a great idea to protect the Earth and need to place to help it happen. We're in the business of providing extensive Project Support to a vibrant network of activists. We're also steeped in the tradition of our founder David Brower's commitment to help recognize and support the next generation of young leaders, and inspiring people to get involved and take action against the unprecedented threats to live on Earth.

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What We Do

We've built a vibrant network of more than 75 activist projects in the US and around the world . Our New Leaders Initiative mentors young people and sponsors the annual Brower Youth Awards to recognize tomorrow's environmental leaders. We publish a quarterly award-winning newsmagazine, the Earth Island Journal to inspire and educate. And our EI Advocates Program provides a new legal arm to resist efforts to weaken protection for wild places, wildlife, and our hard-won environmental protection laws.

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Why We Do It

We do this work because we revere the miracle of the natural world, its beauty and wholeness. And we believe that reversing the perilous course we are on requires all of us to step up, connect, and take action.

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New Leaders Initiative

The premier youth prize in North America, honoring tomorrow's environmental leaders. The 2018 Brower Youth Award application cycle is open through May 15th.

 Earth Island 

Spring 2018

Can a pioneering bonobo rehabilitation project serve as a blueprint for community-driven conservation in Central Africa? ...
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